Fixed red light running electronic eye

The domestic well-known brand of electronic dog: a prophet, good neck, conqueror Road cents, journey, Ling speed, the price ranging from 200 yuan -1500. Market sales of electronic dog can be divided into four categories:Principle: take the initiative to receive the radar speed electronic eye in the work state and alarm.

Functions: (2) fixed speed electronic eye and (5) class mobile speed electronic eyes alert.

Advantages: timely electronic eye on the newly installed fixed speed alert can call the police mobile electronic eye.

Disadvantages: fixed (1) (3) (4) class electronic eye can not warning the country of each bank and part of the supermarket installed radar automatic door by using the radar band with electronic eye band the same, when too close to the radar automatic door will produce false positives. Such products by the DSA software control, to prevent false positives.

These commodities can be used alone, but more and a combination of GPS navigation, so called carapace radar, typical models: the journey x7F Good collar X7C to the Conqueror 208, the prophet R100.

With GPS positioning machine principle: in advance by the staff, nationwide collection of fixed electronic eye coordinates of the input electronic dog machine, GPS electronic dog with GPS positioning chips alert, when the vehicle to a fixed point in advance.

Functions: suitable for all cities and towns throughout the country and the high-speed road National Highway, and prefecture-level city. Flow can not determine its specific location, so the only alarm fixed all kinds of electronic eyes.

Advantages: relative to a class of electronic dog, electronic dog such a wide scope of use, data, accurate positioning,

Gun point of most of the fixed point of such goods by the national highway system or transportation system installation. Third-party companies through the acquisition of fixed data, and the rapid increase in mobile gun point and the mobile police car, a single fixed speed products do not adapt to the actual situation, the phasing out of typical models: the Conqueror 101

Principle: the combination of GPS data type with a radar receiver to achieve a comprehensive alarm.

Functions: five electronic eye on full alert for any region of the country;

Advantages: suitable for a wide range of fixed-mobile electronic eye can alert. New installation (1) (3) (4) electronic eye to the internet in order to alert after the update, such as good collar manufacturers to provide data to upgrade the system, such products have been the mainstream

These commodities is the most popular with the old owners, main products are: Prophet Temple One,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. the Prophet Terminator the T2000, the prophet cars were GT Road cents VE, Lu Sin F1 good collar GT701 Extreme Edition, the journey zt318 Conqueror 325

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